American Baptist Women

American Baptist Women’s Ministries (ABWM) provides training and resources to strengthen ministries with women and girls.  We meet monthly and welcome women from all walks of life. Our attention is spent in areas that help us develop as God's person and build God's faith community.

Each month we read and discuss a specific book Bible. Special speakers, devotionals, gatherings and conferences keep us growing and developing.

ABWM sells Dillons Dollars and uses the profits to aid mission work. This money, plus donations enables us to give to the Central Region Love gift which helps fund the general budget of all American Baptist Churches. We also have a vital interest in college students from First Baptist, and offer scholarship money to those students attending seminary. Specific cooperative projects are undertaken every year with women from other churches to care for orphans, develop buildings, and work to change the lives of women everywhere.

Beyond providing money, we also pray and provide requested supplies, letters, and send small remembrances for specific international and national missionaries.

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