LifeGroups at First Baptist Church are designed to give everyone a place to belong. We know that connections with other people are vital to spiritual health and growth. LifeGroups allow us to enter into friendships that are life giving. In our groups we aim to be candid with each other and apply biblical truth as we listen to and support each other.

LifeGroups are more than a meeting, more than a Bible Study and more than a social gathering. Some groups emphasize Bible Study, others community building and prayer. Some groups meet every week, others two times each month. Some share a meal every time, others occasionally. Size runs from 5 to 14 members.  In each group we listen to each other, talk about what is important to us, rejoice and share heartaches. Most of the people who are involved in a LifeGroup would tell you they almost never miss getting together. It becomes an important part of how they function as a Christian.

The final aspect of LifeGroups is training and equipping. People who are ministered to in these groups learn to pray for others; as they pray together in their group, they grow in their ability to minister to others. Most of the people who are leading groups at this time, learned how to lead by being part of a group, as well as through direct training.

If this idea piques your interest, send an e-mail or call the church office. We'll get you in touch with people that can help you.

Lesa Gardner is responsible for small groups, membership and visitation at FBC. She has been married to Jim for over 40 years, and has been blessed with two grown children with wonderful spouses, and four grandchildren. Lesa is a home town girl, attending Wichita North High School, Wichita State University, Friends University and Ozark Bible College. Her degree is in Human Resource Management. She worked in the field of life and health insurance and annuities and at Wichita State University before coming to First Baptist Church.  In her leisure time Lesa enjoys flower gardening, watercolor painting and reading.
Lesa's Testimony about her growth as a follower of Jesus Christ is a clear picture of the role LifeGroups can play in your life.

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