Welcome to the NEST! We believe that your children are a gift from God and that we partner with parents to care and nurture them and lead them to Christ.

We are first and foremost committed to your child's happiness. We want every child to know that church is a place where s/he is loved and can have fun with friends.  Safety is a second concern. We constantly staff the front entrance so that someone can identify every child and parent and have policies in place that screen staff and limit traffic in the nursery area. We are exceptionally careful with your children.  

Our program is divided into two areas: the nursery for our youngest babies and toddlers and preschool. The preschool program is structured in a developmentally-appropriate manner so that the weekly Bible point is covered throughout each activity in our morning-long Sunday school program. Most importantly, kids stay connected and engaged during Bible lessons, learning through their senses, social interactions and gross and fine physical movement.

Check in

Each child is given a name & ID tag. It is stored in a display directly inside the double doors entering the NEST area. Please attach the name tag to your child(ren)'s back and keep the ID tag with you. Present the ID tag to the caregiver when you pick up your child. S/he will take your child's name tag and return it to the display at the end of the morning so they are ready for you next week.

If this is your first visit, stop at the front desk and complete a short information form to provide emergency information. Your child will be given a disposable name tag.

If you would like to carry a pager so that we can contact you quickly, please ask for one at the desk, returning it when you pick up your child. The pager will vibrate if you are needed (for example if your child becomes ill or is crying and cannot be comforted by the nursery staff).

Diaper Bag and Personal Care
If you carry a diaper bag, we would like you to leave it with your child.  Please bring your child’s own formula, water or juice in unbreakable bottles or cups, plenty of diapers, wipes and a change of clothing. You may also want to include items to help your child feel more secure, such as a pacifier or blanket. All items that may be removed from the bag should be labeled. Masking tape and a sharpie are available at the desk. Diaper bags are carried into the nursery area with your child. Cubbies are located outside of the Pre-school area for your older child's personal items.

Effort is made to ensure that diapers are checked frequently and that no child leaves the nursery with a wet or soiled diaper. Trips to the bathroom are a routine part of the morning schedule for our Preschoolers.

The only solid foods served in the nursery are Cheerios and puffs and/or crackers (and only with your permission). Preschoolers enjoy a snack of a cookie or cracker (or two or three) and water. If your child has any allergies, it is very important that you let us know.

Health Guidelines
In order to provide a safe and healthy environment, please keep your child home when you observe:
Excessive coughing
A questionable rash
A green or yellow runny nose
Any communicable disease
A discharge in or around the eyes (unless due to allergies)

Your child should be symptom-free for at least 24 hours before s/he joins us. Likewise, if your child is being treated with an antibiotic, he or she should have received treatment for at least 24 hours before joining us.

Our nursery staff is not able to administer any medications.

Be sure to also check out our elementary-aged children's ministry, SWIFT.

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