God is active and is constantly at work. (John 5:17) His love for all people and activity on their behalf are braided together. Jesus personally showed us how that looks as a person lives it out--He came, not to benefit himself, but to benefit others. (Mark 10:45)

The same is true at First Baptist. Love and action are intertwined as we work with God to meet people in their need. As we consistently connect with God in prayer, we discover how He would have us express His concern. Believers are the method God uses to express His love and care to other people. So we help others. It is always our priority to share spiritual things, but we also are very involved in the physical, emotional, mental and financial needs of people.

There are many ways that you can build into people's lives. We have ministries for all ages. Beside our fellowship groups, we pool our resources to share our skills and talents with our children and youth, LifeGroups, the Wichita Outreach and missions. Beyond these areas, you may be interested in our orchestra or choir, assisting in maintenance or special projects in the building, or working in the kitchen.

If you have an interest and would like to investigate further, we can help you connect with someone that will help you.

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