Communion is a reminder of our common need for God and his faithfulness to provide for us. We practice open communion, which means all believers are invited to join us. It is sometimes called The Lord’s Supper because it was first shared with the disciples during Jesus’ last evening meal before His death. (Matthew 26:26-29) It helps us remember what Jesus endured for us when He died to pay the penalty for our sins. The bread symbolizes Jesus’ broken body, and the juice represents His blood, the requirement for forgiveness of sin. Because we are a forgetful people, we share the communion meal monthly to be continually reminded of all Christ is and what He has done for us.

After the individuals serving communion are in place, believers come forward as an act of worship. We offer ourselves totally to Jesus Christ, who gave Himself totally for us at the Cross. The server will offer a tray to all those in your group. First take the bread, silently thank God for His sacrifice, and then eat it. When everyone has finished, do the same with the cup. When you are finished, return to your seat. If coming forward is difficult, simply raise your hand and someone will serve you in your seat.

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