Sunday School

The Bible is unique from all other books. It is the one book that reveals God. It is essential that we continually spend time  reading and studying so that we encounter God. As we do that, the new way of life that God is creating in us can grow.  This new life expresses itself in our conduct as God reproduces His character in us.

Because we are already in our church building on Sunday for worship, we also offer classes to stimulate our learning from the Bible. These classes are traditionally called Sunday school, but may be called Discipleship classes because they are intended to help us learn from, and follow, Jesus. They are a practical way to help us in our discipline of studying God's Word together.

We have age-appropriate Sunday School classes for all ages and languages.  Some classes study a book of the Bible, while  others are thematic. Classes may be lecture or discussion oriented, or a combination of the two. All are designed to  encourage both understanding and application of the truth found in God's Word.

Chinese Bible Camp Study Group -  8:30 AM - 4th Floor south building
Chinese Discipleship Classes - 11 AM - 4th Floor south building
Lao/Thai Sunday School Classes - 9:30 AM - 2nd Floor, north building
Neighborhood Discipleship Classes - 9:30 AM - Fellowship Hall (south building basement)
Friends Class - 9:30 AM - 301 south building
Amicus Fidelis - 9:30 AM - 302 south building
Youth - 9:30 AM - Room 502, south building
Elementary-school-aged children - 2nd Floor, south building
Nursery and Early Childhood - 1st Floor, south building

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