Revelation 3:20 portrays our life with Jesus as sitting around a dinner table in an unhurried time eating and talking. In Jesus day there were strict rules about who could dine with whom. Eating together was a sign of friendship and approval. So when Jesus is described as eating with us, it is a serious message that he approves of us.

Spending time with Jesus often begins as Bible study, and naturally grows to spending time in prayer. Prayer is a natural part of the relationship.  In prayer we turn away from ourselves and turn toward God. When we turn away from ourselves and turn toward God, we put God in a place of prominence, not by providing for His needs, but by praying that He would provide for ours--and trusting Him to answer.

At First Baptist, prayer is mixed in with all we do as believers. Sometimes we gather specifically to pray. Other times it is an important ingredient in another task. We pray in pairs, small groups, when we gather to worship. And as we pray, we're aware that we are joining Jesus our friend at His table.

We'd love to pray with you. You can join us on Sunday morning on the second floor of the north building at 9 AM or in the Family Room at 10 AM. If you have something to share with us, send us an e-mail or call. We welcome the opportunity to pray with and for you.

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