International Fellowship

The International Fellowship grew in response to an influx of refugees from Laotian resettlement camps. Most of us grew up with a Buddhist background and came to know Christ in the camp or here in the United States. Our fellowship is comprised mainly of refugees and our families.
On Sunday mornings you will find us worshipping in the chapel at 11:00 am. We also have Sunday school classes at 9:30 am specifically for our fellowship. We prepare a meal together the first Sunday and third Saturday of each month, sharing our love of Laotian food.
We often pray together and meet to grow in discipleship. Check the calendar for the schedule. We also frequently connect with other Asian individuals throughout the Midwest at conferences and summer camps. We are encouraged as our second and third generations follow Christ.
The International Fellowship is a member of the Lao Conference of Churches. We are also part of Southeast Asian Friendship Ministries, assisting the spread of the Gospel in cities and remote areas of Laos. It is encouraging to see what God is doing among the Lao people as they change from Buddhist belief to become believers in Christ.
Japhlet O'Neill is the pastor of the International Fellowship. She was born in India and grew up in Thailand. Japhlet attended college in the Philipines and finished her undergraduate and graduate work in the United States. She and her husband have one son.

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