Our story starts of course, in the beginning. God was the original creator of all things--people, animals, plants and the stuff of life. He is the source of it all. God is not only the original creator, but He continues as a re-creator. He is the One who can bring life to what seems to be dead--broken relationships, faltering dreams; all of the things that make up every-day life. Regardless of what we think about the origin of the earth and how our  history has turned out, God is in the business of creating things that are good.

Relationship was the point of our creation--connection with each other and connection with God.  Not any kind of relationship, but the kind that is open and honest, with no shame or secrets. This is why we are created. It's where we find our greatest happiness. It is how life is made to work best. From the beginning, all relationships were to have an order. God prescribed a way to live--a pattern for living has always been synonymous with life. Doing it God's way was the way to have full and satisfying days. It was true life.

We quickly get our roles mixed up. Rather than allowing God to be the source of order in our lives, we decide to give it a try. And life always gets horribly mixed up.  Selfishness rules our choices and relationships are damaged--both with God and with people. In trading roles with God, we ruin it all.  And in the process, we discover that God's description of how life should be lived is impossible to meet. We become judgmental, controlling and calloused in how we view life and relate to people.  We cannot keep from ruining our own lives.

God, however, steps in to make it right. In dying on the cross, He restored the correct order--we depend upon Him as the source of freedom from our mess. This order to things corrects our relationship with God and begins the process of putting our relationships with each other in the correct place.  But we need more than an external structure.  God also gives us two new sources of power to be able to live out His value system: His own power (through the Holy Spirit living in us) and the support of other people who have also been rescued. Rather than being the source ourselves, we agree to do it God's way. And in the process, we live life the way it is meant to be lived-- a full, changing, satisfying life.  Jesus described this life as eternal life--continuous connection beginning right now.

This is the reason our gathering together is a priority. It is necessary for us so that we can live out life beyond our own limitations. It's the Good News.

A more in depth picture can be found in our core beliefs.

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