There is an important commonality between membership and healthy relationships: commitment. We commit to each other to cultivate a life that is satisfying and transforming. This process, if it is to last, must endure over a length of time.

Membership at First Baptist is not about being exclusive, nor is it about counting noses. Instead, it is a mutual commitment among a group of believers—a commitment to do life together. Church membership is about being part of something bigger than one's own life and identifying with a cause that has great significance. It can be one of the most positive, God-honoring relationships. We have written a covenant to express our commitment.

Whether you are a new friend of First Baptist, have been with us for a while, or invest heavily in the ministry of this group, we would ask you to consider another step—that of publicly committing yourself to our body of believers. The membership process begins when you express a desire to join us. The focus is on getting to know you as we talk together about your journey with Christ and our journey as a part of God's family.
If you are interested in the process, complete and submit the application, call or email the office to set up a time to talk. We love what God is doing among us. We think you will too.


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